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  • Monolini in D, 21 strings (deepest MO-21)

The fifth and octave tuning of 10 strings adds a lot of variations to the steady sound of the 11 blanc strings (11 x d + 5 x D + 5 x a) and vibrations, too. Beautiful to play for meditation or for use in therapy and sound massage; easily to be transported. Strong bass with strong vibration.

Adds the sound of strings to therapy, pedagogics and care. Easy to play! 

Watch the youtube video: HERE


Corpus: Ash & cherry

Measure: 28.4 x 8.3 x 4.3“, 1.9 kg.

Accessories: Including tuning key, replacement strings, sticks and tuner. 

"I have been working with the Body Monochord from feeltone (the previous Model of the Monolini Serie) since over 6 years in therapeutic settings as a Music and Sound therapist. The cliental I am working with are persons with severe multiple disabilities, dementia patients and persistent vegetative state patients.

The new Monolini Quint Monochord offer me to further extend these areas of application. What convinced me above all else was the exceptional structural shape of the new models. (Monolini, Monolina). This shape allows me and my client to position the instrument easily and exactly onto the chosen  part of the body, which is not possible with other kinds of body monochords.

Especially for people with severe multiple disabilities , who can not assume a normal laying down position because of their handicaps, it is important to be able to position the body monochord exactly at a chosen body space with ease. This monochord will not slide when it is played, which will happen with other models that I did try out. The built of the Monolini/Monlina  allows me to optimally play and place it on a variety of body sizes, forms and positions.
The Monolin Quiten monochord stands out with its brillant sound. This small and lightweight monochord has an unusual large sound volume, which pleasantly surprised me. Because of its different tuning and variation of its string, it allows me to create different moods and effects with my clients.

The beautiful craftsmanship and wood of the instrument creates a wonderful 'look and feel' effect and haptic interactions. It is a joy and pleasure to work with this instrument. I use the Monolini Quinten monochord in my treatments receptive and /or active  depending of the needs of my clients. The instrument is robust enough to allow my clients to actively play the monochord and create sounds that are deeply touching. The different strings allows the client to play a diversified and surprisingly multifaceted sound carpet. If you add little wooden sticks you can add even more variety, improvisation and sounds.

I also use the Monolin Quitenmonochord with Sound journeys, sound meditations, therapeutical chanting and singing. The Monlini Quitenmonochors is a truly small and strong Allrounder.”
SOLUNA Praxis für Massage-Klang-Heilung
Petra Rusche
27801 Dötlingen - Germany‟ 

The form and design is patent pending

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Monolini in D, 21 strings (deepest MO-21)

  • Brand: Feeltone
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  • 599.00€

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