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  • Monolina in D, 34 strings (deepest tuning)

The Monolina in D, this Monochord combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning and, optional, melody. With 5 bridges and one template for tuning a Harp/Santoor/Hammered Dulcimer. Strong bass with strong vibration.

The basic tuning of the 24 overtone strings in d, 5 bass strings in D and 5 strings in fifth a (Tanpura tuning). Watch the youtube video: HERE

With a template for Major and Minor Pentatonic and 5 bridges you can include a melody instrument.
The Monolina strings can softly be played with the fingers, can be picked or you can use a bamboo stick to play the strings like a hammer dulcimeter.
An allround-instrument for meditation, wellness, overtone singing and other kinds of music.

With it's light weight of only 2.7 kg the Monolina is an ideal instrument for musicians or therapists "on the go" and can be placed on top of your clients body for sound massage.

The Monolina is perfect for beginners and professionals in meditation, overtone singing, sound massage and music.
Easy to play, easy to transport!

Material: Ash & cherry wood, the sound holes are on the side

Measure: 28.4 x 13x 4.3“, weight 2.7 kg. 

Accessories: Including a tuner, a tuning key, replacement strings, percussion sticks, a template and 5 bridges.

Additional articles: stands

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Monolina in D, 34 strings (deepest tuning)

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