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Professional Gong Mallets specially developed for playing many different kinds of gongs. The sound and reaction of the Gong are determined by the size, weight and the material the mallet is made of. The substructure of the mallet heads is made of progressively springy felt. The sticks of the classic series consist of the coated aluminium. During your performance, the colour code of the sticks helps choose the appropriate weight. Each mallet is equipped with a hanger.

Sizes: M1 to M8. M1 being smallest and M8 largest. 

  • M1 up to 50 cm gong - 88.00 euro
  • M2 to 40-80 cm gong - 88.00 euro
  • M3 to 50-90 cm gong - 88.00 euro
  • M4 to 60-100 cm gong - 98.00 euro
  • M5 to 65-110 cm gong - 98.00 euro
  • M6 to 75-120 cm gong - 108.00 euro
  • M7 to 100-150 cm gong - 150.00 euro
  • M8 to 130-200 cm gong - 220.00 euro
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Gong Mallets - Professional Colour Coded - M8

  • Brand: Tone of Life
  • Product Code: Professional
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 220.00€

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