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The symphony of symphonies, a million solar systems within a million universes, the drop and the ocean. With one strike of the mallet the Vach Choir begins to sing its enchanting song in waves of beauty which touch your heart and soul taking you to you... Lower frequency cap starting at 70 Hz. The sound and frequency palette in the acoustic field is so deep and rich that the mind is unable to associate all sound details at the same time. Perfect for large groups of participants.

It has beautiful, cosmic, open and rich sound. One of the most universal sounds in the collection. Available in five sizes.

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All of our Gongs are handmade from silver nickel alloy and bear the traces and marks of the maker...  We do not wish to produce gongs like in the cosmetic industry with perfect skin and a completely unnatural look.  We do understand that people have an idea of perfection based on not seeing any trace of the biography of the piece, but to us this is simply an expression of our highly artificial world, the perfect surface of almost everything, giving the mere surface much more importance than the inside values, the traces of work, of labour, of pain and maturity.  We wish to guide our players into the wide and vast dimensions behind the surface to realize that what matters in the Gong is the Sound... not the look!! 


Diameter: 155 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Tone of Life organize workshops where you can learn how to play The Gong. If you are interested check our callendar:

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Air Cosmo Gong 62" - 155 cm

  • Brand: Tone of Life
  • Product Code: Cosmo Gong 60"
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 16,245.00€

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