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Used in many cultures around the world for different ceremonies and rituals. The shankha or the conch is the most ancient wind instrument known to man. Mythology traces the reference of the conch as far back as the gift from the great ocean-churning. It is considered to be a very sacred symbol and is referenced in all the ancient literature of India.

The spiral form of the conch-shell is symbolic of infinite space that gradually expands in a clock-wise direction. The conch is symbolic of the Human Journey Through Life, Birth, Life, Resurrection, Love, Good Luck. The shell’s hard casing protects life. The pearly luster and its aquatic nature is attributed to qualities of virgin purity. Symbolic with music, the conch shell’s spiral form and the sound of the ocean represents the beginning of existence.  

Each ocean has a different type of shell and all who use them consider the Conch to be sacred.  In its make up, it represents perfection itself. Golden Ratio.

The Conch shell is blown as a trumpet.

size 13cm

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Conch Shell - Indian Shankha - Small

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